Fully certified Covid-19 Coronavirus Cleaning & Fogging

Specialist Coronavirus Cleaning & Decontamination Services in Stoke-on-Trent and Newcastle under Lyme. Sanitizing and disinfection cleaning service, Coronavirus Disinfecting fogging services for local businesses, Schools, Offices, warehouses and homes.

First 4 Cleaning Helping keep your workplace and staff safe COVID-19 Cleaning & fogging Services call Lee Today 07503079350

We can have your business back up and running within a few hours of fogging, Our process is fast, efficient and most importantly safe for you and your business. we will clean and wipe down all surfaces and contact points such as telephones and door handles and any areas that may need hand spraying, then a fogging process whereby a solution of Formula 429 or Envirosafe Multi Surface Sanitiser is atomized into the air and permeates every area and surface of a room from the ceiling to the floor, all furniture and items within the room are covered in minute droplets of bug fighting solution that can last up to 3 weeks

The products we use are harmless to humans and animals once dried and safe to use on food preparation surfaces. The solution dries to form a microlayer hostile to bacteria and viruses, killing them and preventing them from multiplying.

With the rise of superbugs such as MRSA, NDM-, sars 1 and sars 2 which causes Covid-19 infection in humans. professional cleaning is an essential part of infection control.

First 4 Cleaning are industry certified for Biohazard cleaning Coronavirus Cleaning & Decontamination Services. We can help in minimizing the risk of spreading bacteria and viruses including Coronavirus in your workplace. Our methods include the application of formula 249 or Envirosafe disinfectant through a specialist ULV (Ultra Low Volume) Fogging machine.

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COVID-19 Coronavirus Cleaning & Decontamination Service Minimise the risk of infections within your workplace

First 4 cleaning can offer an ongoing Daily office cleaning regime that will provide further reassurance, and will help to maintain high standards of hygiene on your premises Office Cleaning

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