Cleaning and Disinfecting services for local Businesses, Schools, Offices, Transport, Shops GP surgeries in Stoke-on-Trent

In the recent wake of Covid-19 pandemic, first-4-Cleaning Services have been working with local Businesses to support them with the disinfecting and sanitizing of their premises as a one-off service or regular daily or weekly office cleaning routine.

Minimise the risk of coronavirus within your workplace

First 4 Cleaning Services methods include the application of formula 249 disinfectant through ulv sprayer as well as general wiping down and cleaning of targeted touchpoints and specific areas using specialist chemicals. Our disinfection cleaning service can help minimise the risk of spreading bacteria and viruses throughout the workplace.

Cleaning and Disinfecting services

Our Equipment

We use a specialist ULV (Ultra Low Volume)/Fogging machine which effectively sanitise any environment as it passed through the ulv fogger. It generates an airborne fine mist-like residue to engulf the surrounding air and settle onto all surrounding surfaces. No cleaning or rinsing is required after the fogging is completed as the residue which is left behind is not harmful.

Recommended waiting time before an area can be accessed post ULV misting is 60 minutes we can spray offices over the weekends so there ready for use on Monday mornings

A little more info about coronavirus

COVID-19 is passed on by person-to-person and by droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes, this can then land on nearby desks or equipment, any droplets can live on surfaces from a few hours up to several days. ( ) Regular cleaning helps stop the spread of bacteria and viruses within your business

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