Deep clean check list

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 Countertops cleaned and disinfected
 Cabinet + drawers inside and out
 Sink, taps, draining areas remove lime scale wash/polish
 Backsplash tiles cleaned
 Chrome fixtures cleaned & polish
 Hob/Extractor and Light oven clean
 Clean power sockets and light switches
 skirting boards/radiator/windows and sill
 Door and Door frame
 Small Appliance exteriors
 Microwave inside and out
 mop/sanitise floor
 Fridge/freezer removal of grime food and mildew then sanitised
 Washer/tumble dryer
 Dishwasher
Bathroom/Shower Room/Toilet
 Toilet and cistern cleaned descaled and sanitised
 Sinks Bath & Shower cubicle and glass screens cleaned descaled polished
 Clean pipe work and plumbing behind the WC if accessible
 Lime scale & soap scum removed from all surfaces
 Chrome fixtures & mirrors shined up
 Mirrors Cleaned
 Light fixture dusted/cleaned
 Cabinet cleaned
 radiator/ skirting boards/windows and sills
 Underneath bed and behind furniture
 Vacuum carpeting/rugs
 Clean skirting boards/Radiators windows and sills
 Mirrors cleaned
 Inside closets
 Clean sockets and light switches
 Door and Door frame
Living rooms
 Clean under or behind soft furnishings
 Windows and sills cleaned
 Vacuum or mop floor
 Clean skirting boards/radiator
 Dust celling lighting fittings
 All surfaces to be degreased
 Door and Door frame windows and sills
All other Areas
 Trash and rubbish taken out emptied in outside bin
 General straightening tidying around furnished properties
 Any mirrors and internal glazing and sills
 All Doors and door frames degreased throughout property
 Any Furniture hoovered and dusted
 Floors, stairs vacuumed,
 Lamps, lampshades, decor dusted
 Any patio or French doors
 Fireplaces and surrounds cleaned


  • Freezer needs to be turned off and completely defrosted before our arrival.
  •  Hot running water and electricity are required to complete all our cleaning Task